Certification in Russia

Certification of the goodsis confirmation of their quality and safety for human life and environment. An independent certification centeristo establish the conformity of the goodsto the quality and safety requirements, and it is only then that the Certificate of Conformity orthe Declaration of Conformity isissued. Goods certification or declaration is necessary in Russia both for sales and customs clearance.

Almost all cases of goods export to the territory of Russia require the certification procedure. Certificates of Conformity, Declarations of Conformity or Letters of Exemption are the necessary documents for the Customs clearance procedure. The Applicant for certification in Russia may only be a legal entity or an IE registered in Russia. The Applicant files an application for certification with all necessary information about your goods and provides test samples. Certification in Russia is performed for conformity of the goods to the established quality standards, the principal final documents being:

– GOST R certificate

– GOST R Declaration of Conformity

– Certificate of Conformity to Technical Regulations

– Customs Union Certificate of Conformity

– Customs Union Declaration of Conformity

– Certificate of State Registration

– Fire Safety Certificate

– Hygienic Certificate

– Exemption letter

It is possible to determine which document is necessary using the FEACN code and technical description of the goods.

In Russia the goods quality confirmation procedure can be carried out in two parallel systems of GOST R and TR TS. Goods may be subject to obligatory quality assessment in one of the said systems only.

Principal schemes of certification according to GOST R system:

For a consignment / invoice:

Certification is carried out for a particular consignment of products stating the number of units in the consignment. The issued certificate will be valid for the quantity of the goods stated in the invoice. No tests are carried out in this case.

For a contract:

The certificate states the Russian importing company and the foreign producing/exporting company, the number and date of the contract under which the goods are delivered. The validity period of the certificate is one year. The applicant for the certificate execution is the Russian importing company. The scheme is convenient if long-term relations between the producer and the importer are planned: an unlimited quantity of the goods can be imported under the contract for a year without changing the certificate.

When the certificate of conformity is executed for a contract, it is issued after performance of obligatory tests of certain samples, with the number of the test report stated in the certificate.

 For series production or a producer:

In certification of series production the applicant for the certificate can be both a Russian and foreign company. With this scheme the foreign producer of goods can execute the certificates on its behalf, which is convenient for planning of long-term deliveries of the goods to the Russian market to different importers.

The certificate of conformity for series production is issued after obligatory certification tests and is valid for a period from one year to three years.

Certification is quite a complicated process requiring knowledge and experience, and it is better to entrust it to professionals. Our company cooperates with the best accredited agencies of certification having their own laboratories or research centers. We render the following services of certification of products for the Russian market:

-Analysis of the necessity of certification based on the FEACH code and technical description of the goods.

-Preparation of applications and the package of documents for certification.

-Coordination of sending of product samples for certification.

-Complete support of the certification process.

Timeframe and cost of obtaining the certificates:

The period of certificate execution and its cost depend on the specific features of your goods, availability of formerly issued certificates as well as the need for conducting tests and their specific features. Account should be taken of the certifications scheme to be used and the quantity of different units of the goods which you plan to import to Russia.

In every case the period and the cost are determined individually after study of all the details necessary for certification of your goods.

Receipt and delivery of certificates:

You will get a copy of the certificate at your e-mail on the date of its receipt; the originals and certified copies will be delivered to you by express mail within 2-3 business days.



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