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More than 100 hectares of new gardens and berry orchards are planned to be laid in the suburbs

The authorities of the Moscow region are planning to lay over 100 hectares of new gardens  in the current year. This was announced on Monday by the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, Andrei Razin. “We have quite big plans this year for laying new orchards. More than 105 hectares will be […]

In Nevinnomyssk a modern intensive garden has been laid

In Nevinnomyssk, which is the only single-industry town in the Stavropol Territory and has now become a territory of advanced socio-economic development (TASED), a modern intensive garden has been laid. Apple trees and other fruit trees are planted during the second stage of the creation of the regional industrial park “Nevinnomyssk”. As stated the Development […]

In the Kletnyansky district of Bryansk region, the area of ​​the Serbian apple orchard has been doubled

The Russian-Serbian company LLC Bryansky Sad in the village of Nabat of the Kletnyansky district has expanded the area of ​​the first intensive apple orchard in the region. This spring, another 150 thousand seedlings brought from Serbia were planted. Now about 300 thousand apple trees grow in the garden. To achieve such a volume, 15 […]

Large super-intensive garden will appear in the Predgorny region of Stavropol

Another large super-intensive garden will appear in the vicinity of the village of Yutsa in the Predgorny region of Stavropol. The investor here is the “Proletarian Will” agricultural enterprise. The company plans to invest more than 1.5 billion rubles in the project. Over 70 jobs will be created. As the representative of the company Alexey […]