In Nevinnomyssk a modern intensive garden has been laid


In Nevinnomyssk, which is the only single-industry town in the Stavropol Territory and has now become a territory of advanced socio-economic development (TASED), a modern intensive garden has been laid. Apple trees and other fruit trees are planted during the second stage of the creation of the regional industrial park “Nevinnomyssk”.

As stated the Development Corporation of the Stavropol Territory, they are implementing an investment project in three stages. The first one will cost 413.8 million rubles, 35 jobs will be created. The intensive garden will occupy 96.2 hectares. After all three stages are completed, the orchard will reach the planned area.

The investor – the association “Stavropol Gardens” – takes up the development of all 300 hectares of the second phase of the industrial park. In three years, an intensive garden will appear here, which in the future will be able to produce up to 14 thousand tons of fruit per year, said Ruslan Attaev, the managing director of the corporation.

The first products will be sold in 2021, the output at full capacity is expected to be reached in 2026. The regional development corporation emphasised that they supported the project, as it will increase the production of fruits in the region and will help the development of the agro-industrial sector as a whole.

Grown apples, pears and plums, the company will supply to the large retail chains that offer good purchase prices and immediately take a large amount of products. As the main distribution channels the investor does not consider the regions of the south of Russia, where there are a lot of similar projects and strong competition, but the Central and North-West districts.

The company laying the garden is registered in Nevinnomyssk, therefore the mayor of the city also noted that in addition to the workplaces, the project will provide additional income to the budget.

Interestingly, all the seedlings for laying the garden will be grown in a large regional nursery “Stavropol Gardens” in accordance with international standards, that is, they will be virus-free and healthy. Although it is not easy to reach such a level of quality – it is a knowledge-intensive and complex process.

The fact is that it is impossible to get 100% healthy planting material, growing it in the same place for several years. Therefore, the basic rule for the production of virus-free seedlings is a change of location. That is why every two years in the Stavropol center of fruit nursery they change fields, and the nursery never returns to its former place.

Virus-free quality provides a number of advantages – these trees are much more resistant to temperature extremes than ordinary seedlings, they are guaranteed to give an early bountiful harvest. Thus, the investor will be able to quickly recoup the investment. The orchard of these seedlings is also more resistant to diseases and surviving weather abnormalities.

On the basis of the Stavropol Fruit Nursery Center a few years ago, the Fruit and Berry Variety Test Site has opened, where the center’s leading specialists together with the staff of the State Commission on Agriculture study various graft-rootstock combinations to understand how a particular variety will show itself in commercial gardening. From this it follows that farmers get high quality seedlings, and not a cat in a bag. And the demand for planting material is now very high.

In 2018, more than 600 hectares of gardens were laid in the region, of which over one third were superintensive. At the moment, in the Stavropol region it is planned to lay a thousand hectares of gardens, of which more than half will be superintensive.