In the Kletnyansky district of Bryansk region, the area of ​​the Serbian apple orchard has been doubled


The Russian-Serbian company LLC Bryansky Sad in the village of Nabat of the Kletnyansky district has expanded the area of ​​the first intensive apple orchard in the region. This spring, another 150 thousand seedlings brought from Serbia were planted.

Now about 300 thousand apple trees grow in the garden. To achieve such a volume, 15 – 19 thousand young trees were planted here every day.

Apple trees, planted last year on an area of ​​more than 60 hectares, are already in bloom. This fall, the investor is waiting for the first big harvest. Bryansk Garden Ltd. has come to Kletnyansky District to stay: the company’s business is registered here, gardens are being laid, and an industrial base is being created.

Oleg Kobets, the head of the Bryansk Garden LLC, is convinced that it is wise to rely on the intensive apple orchards, modern fruit storage facilities and own processing lines. The company has plans to expand the area to 1,100 hectares.

25 local residents are employed on a permanent basis in the agricultural firm. From 50 to 100 more people are involved in the seasonal work.

As the local newspaper “New Life” wrote, the investor converted the abandoned building of the former school into his office, where the warehouses and the technical hall will also be located. There are plans to build a base for fruit storage and processing in Pavlinky.

The technologies tested in the Serbian gardens are successfully used in the Kletnyansky land.