Large super-intensive garden will appear in the Predgorny region of Stavropol


Another large super-intensive garden will appear in the vicinity of the village of Yutsa in the Predgorny region of Stavropol. The investor here is the “Proletarian Will” agricultural enterprise. The company plans to invest more than 1.5 billion rubles in the project. Over 70 jobs will be created.

As the representative of the company Alexey Voinov explained, the project is being implemented in two stages. In the autumn of 2019, it is planned to plant apple trees on an area of ​​about 124 hectares. For 2020, it is planned to lay out the remaining 193 hectares, as well as the construction of fruit storage.

More than half a century ago, orchards were also bearing fruit on this site. They were cut down later, and the land was plowed up. Thus, the implementation of the project will allow the return of the territory of its historical use.

In addition, according to the representative of the investor, plans are underway to create facilities for processing products that will be grown in Yutsa.

“in order for consumers to start recognizing the taste of Stavropol apples in juices, jam and other products, processing needs to be paid more attention to. This is the future,” – the head of the region Vladimir Vladimirov has supported the initiative.