NSA: garden and vineyard insurance program approved by Kuban farmers


The Ministry of Agriculture of the Krasnodar region has notified the National Union of Agricultural Insurers of the approval by the landowners of the region of the garden and vineyard insurance program developed by the union for the region.

The NSA proposal is based on a basic insurance program with state support, it includes the main risks that are typical for gardening and viticulture in Kuban. For each of these two areas, two types of policies are provided: one allows you to insure the cost of the crop, and the other insures the perennial plantations themselves.

“The program was aimed at discussing and making proposals to farmers at the level of regional departments of the agro-industrial complex of the Krasnodar Territory. Now that the program is approved, the NSA will recommend its use to the insurance companies of the NSA. Agrarians interested in insurance protection for farms cultivating orchards and vineyards can turn to any insurance company that is a member of the NSA and is operating in the region, ”comments Korney Bizhov, president of the NSA.

The task of developing special insurance programs for horticulture and viticulture, taking into account the needs of agricultural producers in the Kuban, was set during a working discussion with the participation of the Governor of the Krasnodar region Veniamin Kondratiev, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory Yuri Burlachko, Vice Governor Andrei Korobka and President of the NSA at the regional meeting on organizing spring field work in March of this year.

“The losses of farms that cultivate perennial plantings can be very significant. According to the NSA, in 2018, in the Krasnodar Territory, hail caused damage to horticultural enterprises. The losses of one of the enterprises reached 200 million rubles, ”said the President of the NSA, Korney Bizhdov.

According to the National Report of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, in 2018, the Krasnodar Territory took first place in Russia in terms of the area of ​​perennial orchards planted per year – 2.4 thousand hectares.

Источник: www.agro2be.ru