Onsite visits

If your company is interested in entering the Russian market or you are looking for new clients in Russia, we offer the service of Industry-Specific Visits.

SOFORO GROUP carries out researches to identify the most promising enterprises for suppliers of a particular industry. If the enterprise has real plans for construction of a new facility or modernization of available facilities, we find out whether there is the possibility of cooperation with new suppliers. If the enterprise is cooperative, we agree upon the visit date with the management of the enterprise and invite companies to either visit this enterprise on a delegation from several companies or include this enterprise into the schedule of individual visits.


Agriculture industry Onsite visits

SOFORO GROUP specializes in organizing individual visits to enterprises of Industrial Orchards and Greenhouse Complexes upon the company’s request. If the company wants to present its product or technology to the maximum possible number of enterprises of the industry which are its potential clients, we offer the Industry-Specific Visits for the Company solution. Having conducted all preliminary researches, we will offer you a list of enterprises of the industry promising for cooperation and open to new proposals from suppliers. Then we will agree upon all details of the meetings, appoint the dates of negotiations and make a schedule of visits. We will find an interpreter for you who will preliminarily be familiarized with your product, technical documentation and topic of the meeting and will accompany you during the visits. We will also organize transfers to the place of the visits. Our representative will accompany you during the trips, solve all organizational issues related with meetings at the enterprises and help you during the negotiations. If you are interested in the Industry-Specific Visits for the Company solution, please fill out the form and we will send you all necessary information. 

Onsite Visits for the Company solution will enable you to study the possibilities for your business in Russia, to identify potential partners and to conduct primary negotiations fast, safely and with minimum investments.


Additional services:

– Preparation, translation and assistance in printing of brochures, catalogs and presentations of your goods in Russian.

– Assistance in adaptation of your proposal for the Russian market.

– Interpreter for negotiations.