Export to the Russian market involves the need for translation of different legal and technical documents, instructions and manuals. This documentation requires exact translation with compliance of the special terminology and understanding of the context by the translator. SOFORO GROUP cooperates with approved translators of technical and legal texts, experienced specialists with knowledge of the specificity of your industry. For complicated tasks we additionally engage professionals from your area of activities that offer technical or legal consultations.

Translation specialization

Technical translation:

-Project documentation


-Technical passports and characteristics of equipment

-Equipment installation and operation manuals

-Safety requirements

-Certificates and test reports

And similar documentation

The cost of technical translation depends on many factors: text volume, complexity, topic, presence of diagrams, tables and charts. We always try to offer reasonable prices for translations and short terms.

Legal translation:

Export transactions involve mandatory conclusion of a foreign trade contract. Apart from the contract the transaction may be also accompanied by a whole range of legal documents. Such translations are made by a translator with experience of work in this particular field jointly with a lawyer in foreign economic transactions; thus we ensure the highest accuracy and quality of translation.

SOFORO GROUP offers the following translation services:

-Contracts and agreements of any size and complexity

-Legal opinions

-Extracts from official registers

Any other legal documentation

We always offer attentive attitude to your needs and purposes and are responsible in solving the tasks which you set us. SOFORO GROUP will offer high quality of a legal translation and personal approach in every case.

Marketing translation:

As distinguished from a legal translation, marketing materials should be sometimes adapted to the local perception of the speech and text. Word for word translation may be not quite appropriate in this situation. Translation of a slogan or an advertising text into another language while preserving its meaning and adapting it to another culture is real art. The slogans convincing in English or Italian often sound unattractive and are not retained in the memory in Russian. We additionally engage specialists in marketing and advertising for translation of such materials to obtain the meaning which is the closest to original and to ensure expressiveness in Russian.

SOFORO GROUP renders services of translation of marketing materials:





-Advertising texts

Other marketing materials

SOFORO GROUP offers high quality of translations, transparent terms and prices, optimization of translations costs to its clients.